Our Programs

Our programs are designed to inspire and support the successes of grandparents raising grandchildren.

Three core program and service components are the defining features of (and the drivers for) Grands Flourish, Inc. as follows:

  1. Family engagement and support: models, strategies and practices including grandparent workshops, intergenerational activities, peer-led support groups, RI Celebrates National Grandparents Day and Grand Connections™ an online grandparent hub.
  2. Community partnerships: models, strategies and practices targeting foster care agencies, faith-based organizations,
    business partnerships, behavioral health agencies for service learning and other community building strategies.
  3. Health and social services: models, strategies for family member supports and learning lessons to navigating systems, substance use disorder, infant safe sleep, self-care, trauma informed parenting, grandfamilies, etc.

Generations United, a national nonprofit, has estimated that grandparents and other relatives who are raising children informally save taxpayers more than $4 billion each year.