Grands Flourish Inc. is Rhode’s Island’s only non-profit organization that focuses on providing supports, services and resources to grandparents raising grandchildren impacted by substance use disorder and other traumas.  

Mission – Through program engagements we inspire and empower grandparents with the tools to navigate complex systems to be a success in their new role as caregivers.

Vision – Our vision is to bring intergenerational housing stability to individuals in vastly different stages in their lives.

A ‘Grand Village’  is a concept where children run in the halls followed watchfully and slowly by their grandparents. A safe space where  residents can rest their souls, even for just a little while from the ripple-effects of adult children parents in shelters, on the streets, incarcerated, in rehabs and graveyards.

Imagine a space where both grandparents and grandchildren have access to numerous in-resident social, educational and health supports; childcare, a pediatrician and senor supports to successfully raise their grandchildren and affordably age in place.

A Grand Village™–is a place that gives individuals the freedom to come out of the narrow scopes of life to the field of endless possibilities.

GrandFacts/Rhode Island

The Grand Facts state fact sheets for grandfamilies include state specific data and programs as well as information about public benefits, educational assistance, legal relationship options and state laws.